April 1st, 2004

полосатая свинья

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я фанатею от Invison вообще и от их форума в частности. написан он грамотно, красиво и с юмором. например код, вставляющий надпись Powered by Invision Power Board © IPS, Inc., предваряет следующий коментарий:

// Yes, I realise that this is silly and easy to remove the copyright, but
// as it's not concealed source, there's no point having a 1337 fancy hashing
// algorithm if all you have to do is delete a few lines, so..
// However, be warned: If you remove the copyright and you have not purchased
// copyright removal, you WILL be spotted and your licence to use Invision Power Board
// will be terminated, requiring you to remove your board immediately.
// So, have a nice day.


// Awww, cmon, don't be mean! Literally thousands of hours have gone into
// coding Invision Power Board and all we ask in return is one measly little line
// at the bottom. That's fair isn't it?
// No? Hmmm...
// Have you seen how much it costs to remove the copyright from UBB? o_O