June 29th, 2004

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цитаты с datacompression.info (http://datacompression.info/)

  • The enemy Blue-Ray alliance is not sitting on their hands while all this happens.

  • I'll pick on them a little bit for this quote: this is the first time Microsoft submitted one of its technologies to a standards-setting body. This if of course true only if we radically redefine what we mean when we say "standards-setting body," "technology", "submit", and perhaps "Microsoft."

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Читаю "Рабы Microsoft". Придется перечитывать в оригинале, потому что перевод просто сосет. Просто шедевром я считаю слово перекрестно-платформенный.
Да и как перевести на русский, скажем, reduced instruction set dairy?